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Continuing Education

We offer continuing education (CE) courses for BCBAs and BCaBAs

To manage your CEU credits on the BACB web site after completing any of our courses, please use our ACE Provider # OP-21-0034. Reach Childrens's Services is an authorized and approved Learning Continuing Education Provider.
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Shannon Eidman

I have been providing support to parents for over 2 decades, and have played the role myself for the past 15 years now. I know first-hand the challenges of parenting while trying to juggle a million other responsibilities, and so I also appreciate that parents need practical solutions that are sensitive to family needs and values. In addition to being a parent, I'm a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with an M.Ed. in School Psychology. I have to admit, I love spending time in schools and having the opportunity to see learners thrive and grow. But I also have keen interests and specialised training in naturalistic developmental behavioural interventions (e.g. Early Start Denver Model), functional assessment and skills-based treatment of behaviours that challenge, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and mindfulness-based interventions. I have extensive experience working with families, schools, early childhood services, and other service providers to identify strategies and create environments to support behaviour and optimise learning. I'm delighted to be able to share some of my knowledge and experiences to both parents and professionals through our Learning Page. I hope that you find these courses extremely beneficial, but that you will also reach out to us if you would like any further support.

Joeleen Lynch

As a mother to two young children, a 3-year-old and a baby under 1, I am fully aware of the challenges of trying to find balance between parenting, work, self-care, socialising. I know that when we look for help through online training or 1:1 support we need it to be accessible, practical and most importantly effective. I am a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst and the past number of years I have been working with children with autism and other developmental delays alongside their parents and support staff in a wide range of settings to include preschools, schools, the home and community providing training and individualised behaviour support. I am passionate about making changes that support children on their journey to independence, giving them the tools to make their everyday lives easier for them to navigate. I love working with families to come up with functional, achievable, effective strategies that will tie into their individual lives. My goal is to teach children, parents and support staff the skills necessary to increase desirable behaviour and create environments that increase the quality of life for the child and those who care for them. Our courses have been developed from our expertise as professionals but also our experience as parents to bring you the a service we are very proud of. Please contact us if you want any information about our services or how we can help you.


The title is very apt for the subject of the course.

Louise McNamara

Text was very straight forward and easy to understand. The choice of images and pictures were excellent. The voice over was straight to the point also. Everything was explained and elaborated more.

Great tips and ideas

Marcella Reilly

I found this course very helpful and informative in different ways to prevent and deal with behaviours that challenge. Would highly recommend

Lovely, easy to follow course

Emma Fallon

This is a lovely easy to follow course. I was able to complete it on my phone and I liked the idea of been able to read the information and listen to the video clips at the same time. It provided lots of information, I would definitely recommend this course to any parent.

Very fitting

Jolene Craig

This was a very interesting and informative course. I feel confident to apply my learning to the classroom setting. I feel this course was very much to the point with practical information and ideas. I will strongly recommend this course to any teacher in an ASD class or starting in one. I looking forward to completing another course here.

Practical, logical advice

Sarah Cleary

After following the practical advice from this program my little boy is now potty trained!🙌🙌.. I was waiting for him to give me signs he was ready for potty training but after listening to the audio on this program while on the go I realised it was me that needed to be ready and get the ball rolling.

Top 10 tips

Michelle Paterson

Great tips provided to help with work and home life. Will be sure to use them! Thanks

Very interesting and informative.

Tracey Lewis

Enjoyed the speaker very much