Sessions this term will be held on Mondays at 4pm for 4 consecutive weeks. The first group is the 8th of February.

Choose from our 3 options

Add an initial assessment with the term fee for an additional reduced cost of €99. This is an optional extra. It would certainly be helpful, but is not a requirement to joining the group. This is a reduced rate, only available to those who join the group. See below for more information.

  • €65,00

    €65,00Development Learning Group - Feb 2021

    This option includes the group only.
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  • €164,00

    €164,00Development Learning Group - Feb 2021

    Four week term beginning with a 1:1 online skills assessment with one of our behaviour specialists to determine priority skills for your child. This includes a brief written report.
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Do you want to learn practical, effective strategies to help you engage with your child and teach them through play?

  • Maybe you are feeling

  • Overwhelmed - because you are finding it difficult to engage with your child

  • Worried - because your child is not meeting typical developmental milestones

  • Fustrated - because of the lack of easy to follow helpful accessible supports

Join us with your child so we can help you

  • Learn simple effective strategies to engage your child through play

  • Learn how to develop a predictable play routine within your own home

  • Teach your child important skills through fun activities

  • Connect and chat with other parents in the group

Make the most of your time with us and get help understanding your child's needs

Add an initial assessment with the term fee for an additional low cost of only €99. This is an optional extra. It would certainly be helpful, but is not a requirement to joining the group.

  • Skills Assessment

    We will do a skills assessment via Zoom prior to the start of the term. This will help you understand your child's areas of strength, and highlight skills you need to focus on in the weeks to follow.

  • Report

    We will provide a brief report summarizing results of the assessment, and outlining recommendations that will guide participation. This will help you set up for success; creating appropriate, achievable expectations.

  • Reduced Cost

    This assessment is offered at a significantly reduced price, and is a great opportunity for families to get both assessment and intervention support. It will help you focus on your child's areas of need across all settings; home, preschool, etc.

Each term includes

  • Trained Professional

    All sessions will be lead by Joeleen Lynch, a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst who specialises in early intervention and naturalistic play-based intervention. Joeleen is also the parent of 2 children under the age of 4.

  • Resource Pack

    As a participant, you will receive a pack with materials to use during the sessions to help your child engage and interact during the group. You will also receive a certificate of attendance at the end of each term.

  • Weekly Discussion

    There will be 15 minutes at the end of each session to offer parents or carers the chance to ask questions, or even just connect with each other to offer support and share experiences.


  • Is this group for parents only or does my child attend with me?

    Parents (or carers) and their child attend and participate in the group together.

  • What do sessions look like?

    Each session starts with an entry routine where we sing our greeting song and the children greet each other. The main piece of the group is singing different songs and rhymes while trying to capture and increase social communication skills, followed by an interactive story and finally a closing routine of a goodbye song and saying goodbye to each other.

  • What age children can attend?

    The groups is most suited for children from 2 - 5 years. If your child is slightly older or younger message us and we will let you know if the the group would suit them.

  • How many children will be in a group?

    There will be a maximum of 8 children in a group.

Parent Testimonial

Having worked with Joeleen in the past I was delighted to get the opportunity to do so again through the weekly developmental on line group. My little girl is 3 and a half with a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (asd) and I wasn't sure if she would interact well enough with the on line format however she has fully participated each week, enjoying the songs, stories and one to one time with me, facilitated by Joeleen. It has helped me with creating a structured programme of play and interactive time with my daughter which I've found hard to do especially during lock down and with 3 other children under 6 at home and a husband working full time so this 45 min slot on a Saturday morning is a lovely time and space for us to help develop her love for social interaction and following routines and activities. Each week the schedule is the same which makes it predictable and therefore enjoyable for my daughter and I and we often end up playing together in a similar way even after the call with Joeleen has ended as she's enjoying it so much. I would recommend parents join the group, even if your child doesn't participate each week you will learn how to set up and structure your own play time at a time which may be more suitable for your child or children. We look forward to "playing with Joeleen" and signing zoom zoom zoom with our friends each week from the safety and convenience of our own home. Looking forward to next month's group already the last 4 weeks have flown by.
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