Do you want to learn practical, effective ways to support your child's emotional health and well-being

  • Maybe you are feeling

  • Overwhelmed - because everyday seems to be a battle

  • Worried - because your child has difficulty expressing worry and frustration, and coping with daily stressors

  • Fustrated - because you can't seem to find help

Series Overview

We're so glad to offer this new series to help parents and their children get through these very unsettling times. In this series, we'll be introducing you to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and offering practical advice on how to help your children cope.

  • Session 1: Introduction to ACT and values-based parenting

  • Session 2: Acceptance & mindfulness strategies

  • Session 3: Developmentally appropriate strategies for children

  • Session 4: Further adaptations to support coping and regulation

The series includes

  • Trained Professionals

    All sessions are co-facilitated by two fully qualified Board Certified Behaviour Analysts with additional training and supervision by peer-reviewed ACT trainers.

  • Downloadable resources

    Not only will you receive handouts from each session, but you will also have access to a wide range of activities, visual supports and scripts to use with your own child.

  • Interactive Sessions

    Facilitators will be sharing plenty of information, but there will also be frequent interactive activities, and opportuntities for the larger group to break into smaller groups for discussion.

Pricing options

We understand that these are difficult times, and accessing support is harder than ever. We want to make this as accessible as possible, so are offering this first term at a fraction of the standard rate (€80)


  • Do I need to attend every session?

    We appreciate that it can be very difficult to set aside protected time, but please know that you will get the most benefit from attending all sessions. While some sessions may seem focused on parent well-being, each session builds on the last and is crucial in understanding how to piece it all together to best help your child.

  • What is Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)?

    ACT is a therapeutic approach that uses acceptance and mindfulness strategies, paired with behaviour change strategies to help a person move towards personal values. ACT helps us live the life we want, acknowledging each and every twist and turn along the way. Some consider ACT to be an extension of CBT, or Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. While there are certainly similarities, there are also differences.

  • Is this suitable for my child?

    This series is not designed for any one type or profile of child. In fact, any parent would likely gain some level of benefit. However, this was designed to support those children who may display experience difficulties such as fear of failure or other specific fears, reoccurring and difficult thoughts, or intense reactions to what may seem trivial issues to others.

  • This sounds a bit complicated for my child. Is this course suitable for children of all abilities?

    It is true that of the activities or strategies may be too advanced for some children; however, we offer a range of strategies to support children of the full range of abilities and understanding. And the parenting information is certainly relevant for all.

  • I see there will be group discussions. Am I going to be expected to share details about my child and situation?

    Any group exercises or discussion are intended to be for your benefit. It is very important to us that this be a safe environment for everyone. You will never be expected to share anything that would make you feel comfortable. We will clearly address this in the first session.

  • How do I access weekly sessions?

    All sessions are conducted on Zoom. If you're familiar with Zoom, you should be fine. But it is important the you realise you'll need to access the link each week through this learning page. That is also where all of your handouts and downloadable resources will be accessed. There is a short tutorial at the beginning of the course, but don't ever hesitate to get in touch if you need a little technical assistance.

  • Will these sessions be recorded?

    It is intended that this series be attended live. You will get the most benefit if you are able to attend on the evening and participate in all discussions and activities. However, we understand that sometimes things get in the way of showing up. We will be recording some of the content for participants to review between sessions, and this will of course be available to you in the event that you miss a session. We will not be recording and sharing anything that involves discussions or the exchange of information by participants.